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Companies with the potential to expand into international markets will have to study the intended target country closely to ensure market success. In addition to market studies and process streamlining, a professional and customized translation of website content is essential. The content must be specifically tailored to the intended target groups and potential customers – which means understanding and addressing their needs and wants, as well as cultural and idiomatic idiosyncrasies. more

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Amazon has announced that they will launch a new advertising format under the name “Sponsored Display“. The beta version will start in the USA first. The new format will be important for many retailers, so that they can make their own products on Amazon strong against the competition. more

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Business is still booming in China, the world's largest e-commerce market. China's two largest online retail companies, Alibaba and, are forming partnerships with smaller players to combat slowing growth in the Chinese e-commerce market. This development is important to keep in mind for foreign brands entering the Chinese market through e-commerce. "Foreign brands new to the Chinese market should first focus on the higher end of the market and serve a niche that domestic competitors can't appeal to." more

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Facebook is now the premier place to implement video marketing – boasting even more traffic than YouTube. Video has been steadily growing as a great tool for advertising on the Internet for a long time, proving it is more effective than static images. Here are four ways to optimise this top-notch method of gaining new business. Behold the power of VIDEO. more