Amazon Prime Day is happening, again. For 2 days, again. On July 15th, 2019, Amazon consumers will be able to take advantage of deals all the way through July 16th. As a matter of fact, there are already deals going up on the platform, like a 4KTV that costs just $179.00. With HDR and a Fire TV interface, with Alexa already on board, it was unveiled at an Amazon event in New York City last week.

prime day under scrutiny
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Prime Day first launched 4 years ago and has become the biggest shopping day of the year with last year's Prime Day even surpassing Cyber Monday and Black Friday, boasting 89 million visitors logging on to the site with 100 million products purchased during the sale event. Also thanks to, it was reported that globally, last year's event was the biggest day of sales in Amazon history. Amazon Prime Day 2019 will most likely be even bigger.

Giants Of Online Retail

In 2018, Amazon ran its Prime Day for 36 hours as opposed to 30 hours in 2017. 2019 offers more time to consumers to take advantage of the deals. 

As previously stated, Prime Day 2019 runs from Monday, July 15th until the very end of Tuesday, July 16th. Prime Day usually corresponds to Pacific time, most likely because Amazon is based in Seattle, Washington. 

What Really Happens

The fact that Amazon jacks up the prices before Prime Day, and then "creates" the feeling of getting a HUGE deal on the sale items doesn't really help the sellers on Amazon to benefit. Most of them can't afford to offer huge discounts during the event itself, or to raise prices before the event. 

The gargantuan number of consumers shopping on Amazon causes major problems for the servers as well. Let's see if 2019 is any better than in the past.