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British Parliament has decided to put Prime Minister Johnson's Brexit deal on hold. This decision, made yesterday, indeed shows the UK to be on a crash course without any sort of deal having been made. European Council President Donald Tusk has said that he has recommended to the other 27 EU Member States that they approve a delay to the UK's date to leave the EU. more

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Facebook was trying to tie its digital currency project, Libra, to a synthetic currency. This synthetic currency would then be tied to a basket of global currencies. Now, the social media giant has reversed course and will attempt to tie the currency to national currencies, moving Libra towards stablecoins which will then be tied to local currency in each market where Libra will operate. more


While the trade conflict between China and the USA is calming for the first time in months, tech companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft are looking for alternatives to production capacities in China. If the rumours are true, this could rekindle the conflict. But the tech giants have good reason to seek out other and cheaper countries for their productions. more

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Amazon has announced its Prime Day for 2019. The official kickoff is on July 15th, and it is no surprise that it will last for 48 hours. Amazon customers will be able to enjoy savings all the way through the end of July 16th. Even though Prime Day 2019 was just announced, there are already Amazon Prime Day deals going up. But the biggest sales day of the year isn't really great for the sellers on the platform. Amazon also has major server problems caused by the number of shoppers. more

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Outfittery and Modomoto (both from Berlin) are getting together to have better chances in Europe. Working as one is a great idea considering that their online-only retail competitor is Zalando – another Berlin player that is one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in Europe. Zalando also provides personalized fashion and outfit boxes, and, with their much deeper pockets, joining forces for Outfittery and Modomoto make all the more sense. more