Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is not only planning litigation in the United States. He also announced during an FB Q&A, that Europe would receive contact from his lawyers to challenge the EU's decision that content that violates local laws shall also be taken down globally.

The Zuck in Europe
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Currently, Facebook complies with legal requests made properly that remove content that breaks a nation's laws, but leave it up for global viewers if the post is not in violation with Facebook's own community standards.

Zuckerberg Less Cryptic Than Usual

Facebook let TechCrunch know what was going on. Zuckerberg explained that Facebook they had "successfully fought" over broad takedown requests in the past. He also said that "a lot of the details about exactly how [the ruling gets] implemented will depend on national courts across Europe."

Straight from Zuckerberg, here is what he had to say regarding the EU ruling on global content in full:

"This judgement raises critical questions around freedom of expression and the role that internet companies should play in monitoring, interpreting and removing speech that might be illegal in any particular country.

At Facebook, we already have Community Standards which outline what people can and cannot share on our platform, and we have a process in place to restrict content if and when it violates local laws. This ruling goes much further.

It undermines the long-standing principle that one country does not have the right to impose its laws on speech on another country. It also opens the door to obligations being imposed on internet companies to proactively monitor content and then interpret if it is “equivalent” to content that has been found to be illegal.

In order to get this right national courts will have to set out very clear definitions on what 'identical' and 'equivalent' means in practice. We hope the courts take a proportionate and measured approach, to avoid having a chilling effect on freedom of expression.”

The Self Police

Zuckerberg went on to say that, despite the EU wanting to tighten the reigns on content, he wasn't against control. He just wants Facebook to remain in control of the policing. He argues that Facebook could keep tabs on encrypted apps, linking accounts together so it can shut down WhatsApp accounts of bad actors on Facebook, and that FB can find it upstream by analyzing suspicious activity outside of the message threads themselves.

Billion Dollar Babies

When asked about Bernie Sanders' statement that "billionaires shouldn't exist", Mark said "no one deserves to have that much money". Despite having a fortune upwards of $60 billion, it is worth noting that most of that fortune is caught up in the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation, which works on social and scientific causes.