Project Zero already has over 3,000 brands registered in the U.S. – now Amazon is looking in Europe for more brands to counter counterfeits. Amazon wants to stop counterfeit products completely, with Project Zero achieving significant success in the U.S.

Fake goods
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Automated Protection 

Amazon utilizes automated protection systems which proactively and continuously scan our websites for suspicious offers – including more than 5 billion product list updates per day. Over 65 million suspicious products from brands registered with Project Zero have been stopped before customers even saw them. Amazon's automated security measures are supported by machine learning and a continuous flow of information, so the sale of counterfeit products can better be prevented in the future.

Remove Counterfeits Yourself

Trademarks that are registered for Project Zero are able to remove counterfeits themselves – immediately. That gives brands taking part in the project unprecedented freedom to control their offers directly and remove them from the stores whenever. This collected information flows to automated protection systems, helping Project Zero as a whole to more proactively counter the counterfeits in the future. 


With the help of authentication, brands can confirm the authenticity of every single article that they offer in Amazon's stores. To do this, a unique code is affixed to the item by the manufacturers. Trademarks registered for Project Zero achieve the best results if they use authentication based on the specific manufacturer code. These brands have not even used the self-service tool to remove suspected counterfeits because the combination of automated protection systems and authentication has helped reduce counterfeit products to zero.

What Everyone Is Saying

"We were delighted to be part of Amazon's project zero pilot in the EU. Our experience with the self-service counterfeit removal tool was excellent, it worked at lightning speed. We are confident that Amazon's Project Zero and our use of authentication will help protect our brand and our customers on the Internet. Thank you, Amazon!" - Kirsteen Reilly, IP Specialist, Trtl.

"Project Zero has been really helpful in our efforts to fight counterfeiting. We appreciate being able to delete suspicious offers ourselves." - Ben Hantoot, Co-Founder, Cards Against Humanity

The first results of Project Zero have been promising. Participation in Project Zero is currently by invitation only. Amazon is working to quickly integrate more brands. To participate in Project Zero, please register at so Amazon can contact you.