One of the largest data breach in German history has been perpetrated, with the nation’s politicians and intelligence community making headlines with their handling of the situation. The breach affected hundreds of politicians and celebrities, who lost data to a hacker who has seemingly worked alone.

Hacked German Flag
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There is a total media frenzy over the latest – and one of the biggest – German data breaches. But who is responsible for it? A 20-year-old student in Hesse, Germany confessed to the cyber-attack, and was aprehended on Sunday. He wanted to expose politicians in parties he didn't like, leaking their private information on Twitter. Computer experts say the hack was not difficult to execute, but required an extreme amount of patience to get the passwords of the victims right.

BSI Failure

Herrmann went on to question why the BSI failed to react to the data breach sooner, and he feels German Intelligence should be forced to answer this question. 

Seehofer's Assessment

At the beginning of this week, the federal interior minister, Horst Seehofer, was under attack for not addressing the issue publicly to reassure the German people that their data is safe. Stephan Mayer, Seehofer's parliamentary state secretary, told German media that Seehofer would share a detailed assessment with the MPs of the Bundestag on Thursday this week. Now that the self-confessed perpetrator has been aprehended, Seehofer is praising the work of the governement offices involved and finding the culprit and locking down the breach: our people operated "very quickly, very efficiently, very well and around the clock. [...] We need to see that we establish an early warning system."

German Data Laws

Germany already has a harsh and sceptical opinion of social media. This scepticism will become more prominent now, with many of the victims saying they would be drastically changing the way they use social media. Robert Habeck, co-leader of the Green party in Germany, said he would be deleting his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Politicians like Habeck will definitely be taking an increasingly pointed and hard-line route in their opinions of social media. How big an issue will data security become in Germany? Time will tell.