Cyber Security

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As more and more of our information is online, data protection has become a big issue. This issue has been no more hotly discussed than in Europe with Germany leading the way. With data breaches like Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica debacle showing us just how careless some companies can be with data, it is an ever-growing concern to regulate this largely unregulated global data trail. The General Data Protection Regulation wants to tighten up digital security in Europe. more

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Facebook has taken out full page ads in 7 British and 3 American newspapers to apologise for the ongoing Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. The scandal has created a maelstrom of bad press for the social network, and it is fitting that Mr. Zuckerberg has paid for full page ads in these newspapers. Now they're being investigated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). more

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Data analysis company Cambridge Analytica used the information of more than 50 million Facebook users to influence the presidential election in 2016. Now, new evidence is coming to light, claiming that Facebook knew for a long time about that data theft. The new revelation led a lot of users to delete their account and resulted not only in a drop of Facebook shares but also in a couple of lawsuits. more

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Your device(s) may be vulnerable to attack. A processor flaw has exposed 20 years of devices to new attacks. Their names are Meltdown and Spectre. With the tech world in a frenzy digging through rumours and speculations, answers and protection against the threat are hard to come by. more