Cyber Security

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Amazon's Project Zero is coming to European stores in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK. The project helps brands reduce counterfeit products to zero in many locations around the globe. The project was launched in the U.S. earlier this year, and it combines Amazon's advanced technology, machine learning and innovation with the trademark owners' extensive knowledge of their intellectual property and how to best detect counterfeit products. more

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The United States is desperately trying to beat China to the punch of 5G technology. Even though the USA is ridiculously behind China in the race, they are still trying to get allies here in Europe. Now they are trying to get Germany to get on the West side of the fence. More than any other company, Huawei is bearing the brunt of the United States' rancor. more

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Things aren't easy for Facebook and Twitter, and in Russia they just got harder, with Russia's communication watchdog opening administrative proceedings against Twitter and Facebook for their failure to explain how they plan to comply with local data laws, reported the Interfax news agency. With all of Facebook's data woes in Europe and the US, it stands to reason that their are potential issues with their laxness with data protection. more

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Germany has had a data breach – one of it’s largest in history, with politicians and prominent celebrities losing sensitive data over the Internet. The interior minister for the southern state of Bavaria, Joachim Herrmann, said he was appalled at the way the federal government and the BSI (Federal German Security Agency) have handled the scandal. The BSI dismissed a breach in December as a one-off incident. A German student admits to the data hack. more

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As more and more of our information is online, data protection has become a big issue. This issue has been no more hotly discussed than in Europe with Germany leading the way. With data breaches like Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica debacle showing us just how careless some companies can be with data, it is an ever-growing concern to regulate this largely unregulated global data trail. The General Data Protection Regulation wants to tighten up digital security in Europe. more

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Facebook has taken out full page ads in 7 British and 3 American newspapers to apologise for the ongoing Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. The scandal has created a maelstrom of bad press for the social network, and it is fitting that Mr. Zuckerberg has paid for full page ads in these newspapers. Now they're being investigated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). more