Cyber Security

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Amazon reportedly has many workers reviewing clips recorded by its Cloud Cam security cameras. Amazon may only be reviewing clips for troubleshooting or footage that come from employee testers, but it's been reported that, the clips sometimes include private interactions such as recordings of sexual activity. After Amazon came under scrutiny for supposedly manually annotating Alexa recordings. more

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Mark Zuckerberg has announced his, and that means Facebook's, plans to go to Europe's highest court of law to litigate the new ruling that EU countries can order Facebook to remove content globally if, in fact, it violates local laws. This came in a livestreamed Q&A with Facebook employees. more

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Amazon is putting third-party apps under scrutiny due to privacy violations. With Amazon sellers using apps to do business more efficiently, privacy violations are also a problem, because those very same apps can also access shoppers' personal information. Amazon relies on outside retailers from around the world, who sell millions of different products. But behind the scenes, the "everything store" has an ecosystem of developers who create apps that sellers use to power their businesses. more

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Almost all of the 50 US states have launched an anti-trust investigation at Google. Accusing the tech giant of unfair practices, the United States are following in the footsteps of previous 3 investigations made by the European Commission. Among other things, Google is being investigated for putting their own interests ahead of competitors on their search engine. more

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Amazon's Project Zero is coming to European stores in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK. The project helps brands reduce counterfeit products to zero in many locations around the globe. The project was launched in the U.S. earlier this year, and it combines Amazon's advanced technology, machine learning and innovation with the trademark owners' extensive knowledge of their intellectual property and how to best detect counterfeit products. more

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The United States is desperately trying to beat China to the punch of 5G technology. Even though the USA is ridiculously behind China in the race, they are still trying to get allies here in Europe. Now they are trying to get Germany to get on the West side of the fence. More than any other company, Huawei is bearing the brunt of the United States' rancor. more