Cyber Law

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The European Union has ended geoblocking for online retail. This is good news for consumers, because it means visitors to websites in the EU will no longer be blocked from websites in other EU countries. Coming into force this week, the new regulation was proposed by the European Commission. more

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Amazon is the #1 online retailer in Germany. It has also opened its German marketplace to external vendors. The Bundeskartellamt in Germany is responsible for protecting competition, and will examine the ways in which Amazon operates in Germany. They want to find out if Amazon is abusing its market position. more

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Apple may be in trouble again, being accused of running a monopoly regarding the sales of their apps. The United States Supreme Court seemed ready to allow an antitrust lawsuit to move forward, claiming Apple has unfairly monopolised the market for the sale of iPhone apps. Justices asked skeptical questions about the control that Apple exerts over their iPhone users, who must purchase software for their smartphones exclusively through its App Store. more

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The government in the United Kingdom has announced a new tax for digital services that it plans to start levying on tech giants like Amazon, Google and Apple. The tax will be based on the money they make from their digital services like advertising and streaming entertainment, but not on their online sales. more

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She brought antitrust investigations against Google and fined Apple $15 billion for tax avoidance. She is also starting to take an interest in Amazon. Margrethe Vestager, the European commissioner for competition, is the only person in the world seriously trying to create and maintain an even playing field for business against the tech giants of the west. more

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Posting a meme which includes characters from Futurama may very well be a thing of the past now that the European Union Parliament has voted YES on Articles 11 (link tax) and 13 (upload filter) – sweeping copyright infringement laws that will block any content one tries to upload that includes copyrighted material. Those that support the articles feel they will clean up the Internet a bit, making it more possible to control what is shared. However, those that oppose them see it as the end of a free Internet, an Internet that has kept our lives vibrant and interesting. They feel this falls very much into line with the United States’ decision to end net neutrality. more