US President Donald Trump is not allowed to block other users on Twitter. A US court has ruled such a behaviour as being unconstitutional. 

Twitter profile of Donald Trump
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US President Donald Trump is known for his antics on the social network Twitter. But apparently Trump didn’t want to hear any criticism on the service and frequently blocked users and political opponents. Tweets containing misinformation or – to put it mildly – debatable statements are often attacked and ridiculed by other users. And whoever argued against the President, was likely to be blocked by him.

One US court has ruled this behaviour as being unconstitutional, as reports. By blocking users, Trump is discriminating against them and prevents them from partaking in the public discussion, the court has found. The US Department of Justice has announced the possibility of further actions against Trump’s blocking.

Trump Is Violating Free Speech

According to several media outlets, Trump has admitted to blocking around 100 people on Twitter. The President didn’t like the content of their tweets and reactions. Trump’s lawyers argued that blocking users was a private matter of Donald Trump, as his account was only representing his own opinion. 

But the court in New York disagreed. As President, Trump is bound to the constitution and is using Twitter for official purposes. Supporting this notion, the National Archives has concluded that the President's tweets are official records. Blocking users is a violation of the first amendment of the US constitution, because these users cannot take part in the public discussion anymore, the court has found.