Cyber Law

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In the European Union, online consumer protection is taken much more seriously than in some other parts of the world. New EU rules to protect those shopping online and stop online fraudsters have come into effect, and both Facebook and Ebay have pledged to help in the fight against fake reviews in the United Kingdom. more

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If you are rather inexperienced with the Internet, you might also think Facebook is a site from Germany: besides the functions, the terms, conditions and rules are also available in German. Facebook's statement that they do not want to accept a German court decision due to a lack of German language skills is somewhat surprising. This was also the opinion of the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf. more

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Instead of one topic, here is an article with three: a news roundup! The EU is tightening up consumer law directives amidst skyrocketing sales in online commerce in Germany. Uber is going for the sky, on board with Hyundai to make flying taxis a reality. more

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From 18 European Member States, law enforcement authorities and third parties have been conducting a joint investigation with Europol and the U.S. National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Centre, which is being facilitated by Eurojust and INTERPOL. They have seized over 30,506 domain names that had been distributing counterfeit and pirated items over the Internet during operation IOS X. more

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Czech Republic has imposed a digital tax on American tech companies. A growing number of European companies are also thinking about jumping on the digital tax wagon, with the Czech Ministry of Finance introducing a 7% digital tax on revenue from online advertising, the sale of user data and inter-mediation services after the European Commission's proposal back in 2018. more

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Around 200 Google employees and supporters rallied in protest on 22 November. Protesting the suspension of two colleagues, who allegedly accessed internal information they shouldn't have, the employees were since fired. Also, two of the workers who participated in the rallies were let go. Were the employees let go for causing legitimate data breaches? Or was Google just cleaning house? more