If Theresa May wants to get Britain out of the EU, it won't be easy now. Thanks to, reports on Brexit come from all over the Internet and none more-so than here in Europe. Rome's Repubblica was quoted as saying "Theresa May's last chance: She has just under three weeks to find herself a miracle", whilst France's Le Monde wrote that Brexit was causing "a regime crisis" in the UK, comparing Brexit's stranger-than-fiction nature to a "Shakespearean tragedy".

The 2 seconds until Brexit clock
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Le Monde went on to say that "Confronted with an absurd political spectacle, they [the British] cling to their local specialty, black humour". The whole thing would certainly make for a very good (and very long) Monty Python sketch (or film). 

The German Mirror

On Germany's Spiegel Online news site, the drama continued with "The EU takes directorial control in Brexit drama". The Handelsblatt news portal commented that, "the EU gives Britain a reprieve and thus defuses the Brexit crisis – for the time being".

Down In History

The Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung was a bit more optimistic towards Theresa May and her promise to get the UK out of the EU. Key EU figures are optimistic that a deal can still be reached and approved by the UK parliament with German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying a recent meeting about Brexit "was an intense but successful evening"; EU Council President Tusk stating that he is "optimistic" and EU Commission President Juncker went on the record as being "hopeful" that a deal may still pass through the House of Commons.

This view is also held by Spain's daily El Pais, with that country's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez saying, "We are at a critical moment in the construction of Europe. History will judge what will happen in the coming weeks. El Pais also reported that the German firm WEPA, a key supplier to the UK, has stockpiled 600 tonnes of toilet paper at its UK warehouses in case there is a no-deal Brexit. Other companies are also preparing for a no-deal Brexit.

The Petition

A petition has also been signed by British subjects, which, at the time of writing, has reached over 3,000,000 signatures. Petitions are automatically considered for a debate in British parliament if they have more than 100,000 signatures.The petition has been so successful, that the page on the British parliament's website crashed for several hours on Thursday morning. With this storm of opposition, can May even hope to bring the Brexit ship into port?