Today, we embark on a new journey and are introducing our new online news site, Digital Business News.

Digital News

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The world has become more and more digital and this process isn’t finished yet. Gadgets and software are more sophisticated now than ever and the Internet connects virtually everyone on the planet to one another. Businesses are built in cyberspace and every day, new developments shape the face of the digital world.

As of late, our homes have been getting smarter, artificial intelligence is used to support us in several situations and country-borders have long been abandoned within the world wide web. But there are not just positive effects: In the last couple of months, cyber crime seems to be on the rise. Giant bot nets are used to attack companies and the digital infrastructure. With this, cyber security has come to the fore and is more important than ever.

With Digital Business News, we are setting out to keep our readers up-to-date on everything concerning the digital world – be it cyber law, cyber security, everything concerning e-commerce or the latest gadgets and smart home developments. Our news will focus mainly on developments concerning the European digital market and companies within it.


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Michael Pohlgeers

DBN Editor-in-Chief