The British government has launched a campaign to prepare residents of Great Britain for leaving the European Union. "Get ready for Brexit" is going to be seen on social networks and posters over the next days, says the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Advertising spots on linear television are to follow through September.

Brexit pumpkin
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According to Spiegel Online, conservative politician Michael Gove, who wants a tough Brexit course like prime minister Boris Johnson, told BBC that the advertising should encourage "shared responsibility" for the preparations for withdrawing from the EU on 31 October.

The campaign, reported by several British media outlets, will cost around £100 million, which equates to around €110 million. That is double what the British lottery organization, The National Lottery, spends on its advertising in a year, said British policy blogger Benedict Pringle to the BBC. "So if you think about how often you see a lottery advert and double it, that's how much we could be seeing the campaign over the next two months", he told the BBC. "At football grounds, in advert breaks for Coronation Street and The Great British Bake Off, this is where you'll get the biggest reach with the public."

A Government Web Survey

Unlike the lottery, the British government's campaign is not designed for an entire year, but only for two months. That means the campaign is likely to be large in Great Britain until the actual withdrawal. The campaign targets the website, where users have been able to answer various questions about nationality, profession and travel plans since last Sunday. At the end of the survey, the user gets a list of things to do "as quickly as possible".

British people who live and work in the UK, are not self-employed and do not plan to leave the UK for a trip after 31 October do not need to make any arrangements for leaving the EU.